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We strive to provide the most detailed, thorough eye exam you've ever had.  Many of the changes taking place in healthcare today are encouraging doctors to see more patients, and spend less time with each appointment.  Our doctors will spend as much time as necessary to provide a comprehensive eye health assessment, and get the most accurate, detailed glasses or contact lens prescription possible.  Whether you are coming in for a routine eye exam to get glasses or contact lenses, or you're coming in for a medical office visit to monitor diabetes, cataracts, or to address a medical complaint such as dryness or itchiness, you will get full, individualized attention from your doctor to address your eye care needs.  


If you have visual symptoms, such as double vision, balance, or spatial awareness issues after a closed head injury or stroke, or other neurological condition, we can help.  Dr. Pamela Gilmartin is residency-trained in vision rehabilitation, and will personally conduct both the workup, and the rehabilitation.  This model creates an efficient environment, in which the doctor takes on the roll of both physician and therapist, allowing for quick adjustments to the therapy regimen to maximize progress.  


Dry Eye Syndrome is an eye disorder that can range from a mild annoyance, to a severely-disabling disease that can destroy one's quality of life.  Many patients are unaware that there are actually several different types of dry eye, and the treatment plans vary widely, depending on the underlying cause.  A thorough, detailed dry eye workup will involve specific tests that are not normally done during a routine eye examination.  After performing these tests, we can review the data, diagnose the type of dry eye in your specific case, and develop a treatment plan that is targeted at your particular situation.

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