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We strive to provide the most detailed, thorough eye exam you've ever had...


If you have visual symptoms, such as double vision, balance, or spatial awareness issues after a closed head injury or stroke, or other neurological condition, we can help...


If you have dry, irritated eyes that burn, you may have dry eye syndrome...

What our patients are saying...

Dr. Pamela Gilmartin is thorough and extremely kind.  After a traumatic brain injury, her expertise and therapies helped me see clearly again!  For improved quality of life, I highly recommend.  


I had always been told I have a very high prescription for glasses, and that I could not wear contacts.  Dr. [Christopher] Gilmartin gave me the best pair of glasses I have ever had, and even fit me in contacts that work great. Thank you!

                            - D. E.

My six year old daughter's one eye was turning out and I was not sure how well she was seeing.  She was having problems in school, and other eye doctors I took her to said her learning issues were not related to her eyes.  I took her to Dr. Pamela Gilmartin for a second opinion, and she said my daughter's eye turn was probably a big part of the school issues.  She is wonderful.  She spent a lot of time and energy with my daughter, and found out that she was seeing double.  She figured out a pair of glasses that immediately fixed her eye turn.  Within a few weeks, both her gym teacher and her classroom teacher said they could not believe how much improvement she had in both her learning and her coordination. She now is doing eye therapy and is doing very well in school, and is so much more confident.  Very, very happy with Dr. Pamela, and would recommend her to everyone!

                              - H. P.  

I have had 3 excellent experiences with Dr. Gilmartin. His appointments are very thorough and I never feel rushed. I always leave glad doing business with him. In short, he provides a personable, small town experience with big city competence. I referred my mom to Dr. Gilmartin and she also had a great experience.                        

                               - V. R.

I had been to several other eye doctors to get a pair of glasses that worked for me.  I'm a musician.  Dr. Gilmartin worked for a lot longer than the other doctors, and even tried a few different prescriptions on in the room, so I could see what they would look like.  

                                - J. T.  

We will do our best to accommodate your busy schedule.  

Please call us at (231) 946-6095 or click the link below to send us an appointment request with your preferred date and time.

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